Truro Diocesan Guild
SS Martin & Meriadoc
Monday, 12 January 2004 in 47m (17 cwt)
1440 Doubles
(12v: Old Growler, Owd Roger, Old Thumper, Old Tom, 1845, 1851, Jingle Knockers, Betty Stoggs, Heller, Paradise Ale, Sharp's Special, Spingo Special)
1 P Simmons
2 Elizabeth C Day
3 M C Spittle
4 Debbie J Couch
5 A J Beer (C)
6 D H Thomas
First quarter in the variations which are: Old Growler - 178u/rt, Owd Roger - 178u/xy, Old Thumper - 178 u/yx, Old Tom - 178u/tr, 1845 - 178u/ux, 1851- 178u/xu, Jingle Knockers - 178u/uw, Betty Stoggs - 178u/wu, Heller - 178u/wy, Paradise Ale - 178u/yw, Sharp's Special - 178u/as, Spingo Special - 178u/sa. The following calls are used and named for the first time: Old Growler Single (rt), Owd Roger Single (xy), Old Thumper Single (yx), Old Tom Single (tr), Jingle Knockers Single (uw), Paradise Ale Single (yw), Spingo Special Single (sa).