Truro Diocesan Guild
St Weneppa
Wednesday, 10 December 2003 in 46m (8 cwt)
1440 Doubles
(12v: Trevenson Lane, Cross Street, Union Street, Victoria Street, Chapel Street, Gurneys Lane, Basset Street, Basset Road, Church Lane, Rectory Road, Rectory Gardens, Manor Road)
1 P Simmons
2 Elizabeth C Day
3 Debbie J Couch
4 M C Spittle
5 A J Beer (C)
6 C W Scarratt
First quarter in the variations which are: Trevenson Lane (CC143a*/t*), Cross Street (CC143r*/t*), Union Street (CC143a*/r*), Victoria Street (CC141a*/t*), Chapel Street (CC141r*/t*)t, Gurneys Lane (CC 141a*/r*), Basset Street (CC13a*/t*), Basset Road (CC13r*/t*), Church Lane (CC13a*/r*), Rectory Road (CC11a*/t*), Rectory Gardens (CC11r*/t*), Manor Road (CC11a*/r*).
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