Huntingfield, Suffolk
Saturday, 24 November 2012 in 2h 38 (7)
5520 46 Variations of Grandsire Doubles
5520 Doubles of 46 Variations of Grandsire Doubles in 2 hours and 38 minutes. Being 46 extents: including the following new variations to the calling of BPBPSPx2 and SPBPBPx2 (two different asymmetric calls, one of each pair, per sixty changes) using combinations of the following calls; Simon Templar Bob, Cotwall End Bob, Supercallifragilisticexpialedocious Bob, Demvihja Single, Amy Omit, Astronomical Omit, Triple Bypass Bob, Dr Who Omit, Grandsire Single, Antelope Single, Newark Single and Wollaton Single <br/>1. rs, sr, st, ts, f, g Chris Newbold Might Care For It; 2. rs, sr, st, ts, f, h Headmistress; 3. rs, sr, st, ts, g, h The Gallant Captain; 4. Red Cock; 5. Thomas Crisp; 6. Dapple Light; 7. Georgian; 8. Ilketshall St Andrew; 9. Bramfield; 10. St James South Elmham; 11. Cretingham; 12. Dusty; 13. Black Pudding; 14. wx, xw, yu, uy, c, g Black Princess; 15. wx, xw, yu, uy, c, f Fancy; 16. wx, xw, yu, uy, c, h Kooken; 17. wx, xw, yu, uy, f, g 99; 18. wx, xw, yu, uy, f, h Ice Cream Van; 19. Longparish; 20. wx, xw, yu, uy, g, h Cedar Gold; 21. wx, xw, yu, uy, c Tall Font; 22. wx, xw, yu, uy, g Red Crest; 23. wx, xw, yu, uy, f Gogo Bell; 24. wx, xw, yu, uy, h Metallophone; 25. Hoarwithy; 26. Little Birch; 27. Aconbury; 28. Kings Caple; 29. Wormelow Tump; 30. Fownhope; 31. St Helen; 32. Newborough; 33. Buffalo Hump; 34. Iron Shirt; 35. Quanah Parker; 36. Santa Anna; 37. Black Horse; 38. Ten Bears; 39. Allestree; 40. St Quintin; 41. St Lucy; 42. St Frideswide; 43. Black Kettle; 44. Dull Knife; 45. Wild Hog; 46. Daffodil
1 David R McLean
2 Colin F Salter
3 Christopher R McLean (C)
4 George M Salter
5 Roderic K Bickerton
First peal of doubles on tower bells, of variations only and with asymmetric calls: 2
Most variations to a peal and longest peal: 2 & 4

This record has been deleted.

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