Australian & New Zealand Association
Christ Church
Friday, 24 August 2012 in 37m (6 cwt)
1280 Doubles
4v: 2 extents each Fremantle, North Fremantle, 3 extents Mosman Park, 3 extents and 80 Cottesloe
1 Jenny Male
2 Mary Townsend
3 Lloyd Cartwright
4 Corinne Duncan
5 Adam Beer (C)
6 Deryn Griffiths
First quarter in the variations which are: Fremantle (CC7as*), North Fremantle (CC7sa*), Mosman Park (CC7wy*), Cottesloe (CCyw*). All calls used for the first time and named as follows: as* - Fremantle Single, sa* - North Fremantle Single, wy* - Mosman Park Single, yw* - Cottesloe Single.
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