St Lawrence
Thursday, 20 June 2024 in 41m (7–3–24 in A)
1320 Billy and Karen's Wedding Doubles
1 David G Denbigh (Langwith)
2 Natasha A Williams (Alcuin) (C)
3 William L K Brooke (Wentworth)
4 Robert H B Johnson (Wentworth)
5 Patrick W J Deakin (James)
6 William M Regan (Friend)
Rung to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Billy Brooke and Karen Sejer Ravn in this church this weekend.
The variation 887b (Netherton Place with a Plain Bob Bob) is rung for the first time. The band would like to name this variation "Billy and Karen's Wedding".
First variation: 4
100th Quarter with the ringer of the 5: 2
Retrospectively the 100th YCG Quarter this Academic Year

This performance is linked to the event York Colleges Guild — Wedding of Billy Brooke & Karen Ravn