Willingham, Cambridgeshire
53 Covent Garden
Sunday, 9 June 2024 in 3h 46 (7 in D)
10080 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (84m)
Allendale Surprise, Alnwick Surprise, Bacup Surprise, Balmoral Delight, Bamborough Surprise, Bedford Delight, Belvoir Delight, Berkeley Delight, Bogedone Delight, Bourne Surprise, Braintree Delight, Burnaby Delight, Burslem Delight, Caernarvon Delight, Cambridge Delight, Canterbury Delight, Canterbury Surprise, Capel Treble Bob, Carisbrooke Delight, Carlisle Surprise, Castleton Delight, Charlwood Delight, Chelsea Delight, Chepstow Delight, Chester Surprise, Cheviot Treble Bob, Clarence Delight, Coldstream Surprise, College Bob IV Delight, College Exercise Treble Bob, Cunecastre Surprise, Donottar Delight, Dover Delight, Durham Surprise, Elston Delight, Ely Delight, Fotheringay Delight, Fountains Delight, Glastonbury Delight, Hexham Surprise, Hull Surprise, Humber Delight, Ipswich Surprise, Kelso Surprise, Kentish Delight, Kingston Treble Bob, Knutsford Delight, Leasowe Delight, Lincoln Surprise, London Scholars' Pleasure Treble Bob, London Surprise, Ludlow Delight, Melrose Delight, Merton Delight, Morpeth Surprise, Munden Surprise, Neasden Delight, Newcastle Surprise, Newdigate Delight, Norbury Treble Bob, Norfolk Surprise, Northumberland Surprise, Norwich Surprise, Ockley Treble Bob, Old Oxford Delight, Pembroke Delight, Pennine Treble Bob, Peveril Delight, Pontefract Delight, Rostherne Delight, Skipton Delight, St Albans Delight, Surfleet Surprise, Taxal Delight, Waltham Delight, Warkworth Surprise, Warwick Delight, Wath Delight, Wearmouth Surprise, Westminster Surprise, Whitley Surprise, Willesden Delight, Wilmslow Delight, Wragby Delight; 83 com; atw.
1–2 Henry J W Pipe (C)
3–4 David J Pipe
5–6 Jonathan A Agg
250th peal : 1-2
This composition is now rung for the first time

This performance is linked to the event Society of Cambridge Youths — Society's 300th Anniversary Year

Church Bellhangers of Distinction