St Peter
Saturday, 6 May 2023 in 45m
General Ringing
Rounds, Called changes, Plain Bob Doubles, Grandsire Doubles
Carol I V Brown
Arthur Catherall
Megan Catherall
Sarah Catherall (C)
Patricia Edmondson
David Hunt
Patricia Morris (V)
Andrew Preston (V)
Angela Preston (V)
Annabelle Preston
Jemima Preston
Tessa Preston
Gina Sampson
We rang: Rounds on 8 with MC on #2, Plain Bob Doubles (TP on treble), Rounds on 8 with JP on #2, Grandsire Doubles (TP on treble, DH on tenor), Rounds on 8 with AnnabelleP on #2, Called changes from Rounds to Queens to Kings to Rounds (AC on #2, PE on #4, called by SC), Rounds on 8 with all November 2023 Starters (AC, PE, GS)
First performance ring for all February 2023 starters (MC, AnnabelleP, JP). First BellBoard entry for all November 2023 Starters. First Bellboard entry on a method for TP. First Bellboard entry as conductor for SC.
With best wishes to Andrew Giles and Lyn Tebbett who were not well enough to ring with us, and Alec Sharman who was unable to attend.
DH = Returning lapsed ringer. (V) Visitor

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