All Saints
Wednesday, 14 October 1992 in 2h 40 (8–1–4 in G)
5040 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (37m)
In the following three 1,440s and one extent: (1) Abbeyville, Beeston, Castleton, Combermere, Crowland, Leasowe, Melandra, Peveril, St Werburgh and Vale Royal Delight; (2) College Exercise, Duke of Norfolk, London Scholars', Norbury, Ockley and Sandal Treble Bob; College Bob IV, Marple, Neasden, Newdigate, Old Oxford and Willesden Delight; (3) Balmoral, Bogedone, Ely, Knutsford, Rostherne and Wilmslow Delight; Cambridge, Ipswich, Norfolk and Primrose Surprise; (4) Berwick, Beverley, Durham, Hexham and Surfleet Surprise; 72 changes of method, all the work of each method for every bell.
1 Bernard J Stone
2 Peter G C Ellis
3 Brian Bladon
4 Colin M Turner
5 Anthony R Peake (C)
6 Timothy G Pett
Most all-the-work Minor methods yet rung in a normal length peal, using only methods from the 1965 Central Council Collection.
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911