York, North Yorkshire
66 Bootham
Sunday, 10 December 2023 in 2h 54
12000 Plain Bob Minimus
1–2 Natasha A Williams (Alcuin) (C)
3–4 Patrick W J Deakin (James)
This is the longest length of Minimus on handbells to date
This is the longest length of Plain Bob Minimus
First Peal in hand: 1-2
First Peal as Conductor
Longest length for all the band, the office, and the Guild
Umpires: Jemima C Bleackley, Joseph E T Waters (The Partners of Idiots Secret Society)
"This was a bad idea": 1-2, at extent 14
"Yes, this was a bad idea": 3-4 at extent 251
"The most impressive peal to happen in this office"
This peal has been recognised as a record length in the method.
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