Society of Bristol Youths
Christ Church
Tuesday, 14 March 1837 in 5h 54 (20 in D)
10133 Grandsire Caters
Composed by William Smith
1 William Smith (C)
2 James Boucher
3 Abraham Davis
4 John Morgan
5 James Harman
6 Josiah Millard
7 William Chillcott
8 William Cary
9 James Mawditt
10 William Murch
  William Cooper
The longest peal ever rung in this city.

Recorded as 10139 changes in Bell News, Volume 2, page 502. But 10133 changes on the peal board in the tower, in contemporary newspaper reports, and in Snowdon’s list (Bell News, Volume 2, page 160).

"CHANGE RINGING EXTRAORDINARY. — On Tuesday evening last the ringers of Christ-church ascended that noble steeple, and rung a true and complete peal of Grandsire Caters, containing 10133 changes, being the greatest number of changes ever rung in this city. The bells were well struck, and were brought round in the space of 5 hours and 54 minutes. This peal contains the whole of 968s, and 978s, being termed in the Queen’s and Tittums position. The ringers were as follows:—Treble, Wm. Smith; 2nd, Jas. Boucher; 3rd, Abraham, Davis; 4th, John Morgan; 5th, Jas. Harman; 6th, Josiah Millard; 7th, Wm. Chilcott; 8th, Wm. Cary; 9th, Jas. Mawditt; Tenor, Wm. Murch and Wm. Cooper. The peal was composed and conducted by Wm. Smith." Bristol Mercury, Saturday 18 March 1837. (Sourced from Order and Disorder 1830 - 1839 by John Eisel.)

D-Day 80 - Ringing Out For Peace