Chester Diocesan Guild
St Mary
Monday, 14 June 1971 in 2h 35 (13–0–8 in F)
5040 Doubles (12m/58v)
St Simon, St Osmund, St Martin, Eynesbury, St Nicholas, St Remigius, Winchendon Place, Huntley, Grandsire, Reverse St Bartholomew, Reverse Canterbury and Plain Bob; also 58 variations
1 Stanley Sutton
2 Geoffrey A Edwards
3 Frank R Morton (C)
4 Roland W Morant
5 Frederick S Sutton
6 Herbert Sutton
First 70 Doubles: 1,2,5,6
70th birthday compliment to Stanley Sutton
Ringing World July 9th 1971 No. 3141 Vol. LXVII page 596