Oratory Church of St Wilfrid
Saturday, 10 February 2024 in 6m (18–1–21 in F)
120 Diary Doubles
1 Jemima C Bleackley (Halifax)
2 Matthew W Thewsey (The Modern Society Of Plymouth Youths)
3 Patrick W J Deakin (James)
4 Natasha A Williams (Alcuin) (C)
5 William M Regan (Friend)
6 Ryan E Mills (Halifax)
Rung on the back six, after a wedding prevented a peal attempt.
First variation: 2
The variation 85uw (Reverse St Simon's Bob with a Jingle Knockers Single) is rung for the first time. The band would like to name this variation "Diary" Doubles
The band would like to associate Joseph E T Waters with this performance, having organised this variation attempt
Church Bellhangers of Distinction