St Peter and St Paul
Friday, 6 November 1992 in 2h 31 (13–3–13 in F)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (14m)
448 each Yorkshire, Uxbridge, Bristol, Cassiobury, London, Ipswich, Rutland, Cambridge, Lincolnshire; 224 each Cornwall, Ashtead, Superlative, Lindum , Pudsey; 139 changes of method, all the work.
Composed by N Smith
1 Valerie J Stone
2 Elisabeth A G Bowden
3 Jenny M A Astridge
4 Timothy E Barnaby
5 Adrian P Beck
6 Stephen J Bateman
7 Julian M Stone
8 Michael E C Mears (C)
For the Feast of St Winnoc.
Most Major (7).