MIT Guild of Bellringers
Christ Church, Old North
Sunday, 3 December 2023 in 46m (13–3–5 in F)
1344 Double Beryl Bob Major
Composed by John E Schreiner
1 Kathryn Lesh
2 Danielle M Morse
3 John E Schreiner
4 Katarina Whimsy!
5 Joshua R Burson
6 Elaine M Hansen
7 John Bihn
8 Austin J Paul (C)
In memory of Beryl Nelson, who cross-stitched this method into the quarter peal board commemorating the first quarter rung in tower by the MIT Guild of Bellringers. The band would like to name this method Double Beryl Bob Major in her honor (x16x36x38x78,12), believing it to be previously unnamed.
The band would also like to associate Laura Dickerson, Phoebe House, Ricky Morse, Cally Perry, Sam Ratliff, and Abby Timmel with this performance.