St Martin's Guild
Cathedral Church of St Philip
Monday, 20 November 2023 in 3h 24 (31–0–21 in D)
5016 Spliced Maximus (7m)
1008 Bolton; 960 Baratheon; 864 Greyjoy; 816 Tyrell; 528 Stark; 432 Targaryen; 408 Lannister; 143 com; atw.
1 Alistair J Cherry
2 Henry J W Pipe
3 Jimmy L Yeoman
4 Daniel J Page
5 Paul E Bibilo
6 David J Pipe (C)
7 Graham M Bradshaw
8 Oliver C Bates
9 Jack E Page
10 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
11 Colin M Lee
12 Michael P A Wilby
First peal on this plan.
21st birthday treat for Daniel.
And now our watch has ended.
The following methods are rung for the first time:
Lannister Maximus: 14-14-5T-14.5T-7T.14.7T-7T.58.1T.58,-
Greyjoy Maximus: 12.3T-14-12.5T.16-34-5T.16.7T.16.7T.16.7T,-
Baratheon Maximus: 10.9T-18.9T-18ET-9T.18-18-18.ET.18.9T-9T-,-
Bolton Maximus: 30-58-58-30-167T.58.149T.58.149T.3670.1T.58.30-58-58,-
Tyrell Maximus: 3T-14-3T-12.5T.14-5T.14.5T.14-5T-,-
Stark Maximus: 167T-1T-1T-30.1T-12.30,-
Targaryen Maximus: 3670-149T-149T-58-30-1T-58-58-3670-,-
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