Watford, Hertfordshire
15 Harford Drive
Monday, 24 November 1969 in 2h 49 (15 in C)
5040 Spliced Surprise Maximus (10m)
960 Newgate; 720 Yorkshire; 480 Clifton, Ealing, Fulham, Leatherhead, Londinium, York; 240 Leicestershire, Wigston; 104 com.
Composed by John R Mayne
1–2 S Kathleen M Baldwin
3–4 John R Mayne (C)
5–6 Roger Baldwin
7–8 Martyn L J Jordan
9–10 Julia A Fellows
11–12 Frank C Price
First peal of Spliced Surprise Maximus in ten methods by all the band and for the Association.
Clifton S Maximus: mx -56-14-78-36.14.9T.14.58.9T.14.9T.70-56-9T-78-1T
Fulham S Maximus: mx 56-56.14-5T-36.14-14.5T-14-3T-34-3T-34-1T
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