Universities Association
Churchill, Oxfordshire
All Saints
Friday, 21 August 1953 in 3h (15 in D)
5040 Spliced Maximus (12m)
Plain Bob, Double Bob, Reverse Bob, Bampton Little Bob, Burford Little Bob, Gainsborough Little Bob, Little Bob, Cassington Little Bob, Churchill Little Court, Wellington Little Court, Crayford Little Court, Bastow Little Court; 91 com.
Composed by Arr. Michael Slaney
1–2 Robin G Turner
3–4 Wilfred L Robinson
5–6 Michael Slaney (C)
7–8 Wilfred F Moreton
9–10 Peter Border
11–12 Peter C Wright
The greatest number of methods rung in a handbell peal on 12 bells. First peal of Spliced Maximus for the whole band.