St Mary the Virgin
Thursday, 2 November 2023 (21–3–6 in D)
Rounds and Call Changes on 6 and 8 Bells, Kaleidoscope Changes and Plain Hunt
Charlotte Boyce (C)
Tony Collins
Sofie Emmens (C)
Mel Hector
Isabelle (C)
Richard Johnston
John Martin (C)
Gordon Milne (C)
Lesley Salter
Guy Tucker
Jayne Tolliday
Numerous "firsts" were achieved, including a first ever called change, first time ringing a particular bell, calling to Queens and back and "challenge" called changes.
Also several of our ringers were able to reacquaint themselves with something they haven't attempted for a while.
Well done all!

This performance is linked to the event Guild of Devonshire Ringers — Ringing Festival