Town Hall
Saturday, 8 November 1969 in 3h 43 (42–2–25 in B)
5040 Spliced Surprise Maximus (75m)
75 m: 144 Albanian, Aldenham, Cambridge, Langley, Lindsey, Newgate, Prittlewell, Yorkshire; 96 Belgrave, Deansgate, Gartree, Halifax, Lincolnshire, Manitoba, Pontefract, Redfield, Saskatchewan, Southwark, Stoneygate. Superlative, Wembley, York; 48 Apsley, Ashton, Bedford, Belfast, Belvoir, Birmingham, Brigstow, Buckinghamshire, Cirencester, Clerkenwell, Clifton, Conisbrough, Dodford, Double Doublin, Dorking, Ealing, Eldon, Fearing, Goscote, Hampshire, Indiana, Jersey, Kidderminster, Lambeth, Leicestershire, Londinium, Lutterworth, Manchester, Metropolis Moorgate, New Durham, Oldham, Oxfordshire, Painswick, Pennine, Pudsey, Quex, Reading, Rochester, Solihull, Southwell, Strathclyde, Stoodley, Timaru. Utah, Warwickshire, Westminster, Wigston, Winchester, Worcestershire, Worsley, Wycombe, Yarmouth; 104 com.
Composed by Neil Bennett and John H Fielden
1 Michael Fishwick
2 Richard S Starkie
3 Neil Bennett (C)
4 John H Fielden
5 C Kenneth Lewis
6 Bernard F L Groves
7 Basil Jones
8 Cyril Crossthwaite
9 Derek Butterworth
10 Robert B Smith
11 Brian Harris
12 Jeffrey Brannan
The greatest number of methods yet rung to a peal on 12 bells.
Methods rung for the first time:—
(A) — Extended from Major method:
Oxfordshire -5T-16-127T-38-149T-50-16-70-78-9T-18-ET,12 19E7
Hampshire -5T-14-56-36-78-58-90-7T.14-14.9T-14-1T,1T 1426
Double Dublin -56-14-78-,1T 1426
Manchester 5T-5T.14-5T-36.14-14.58.14-14.70.14-14.9T-14-ET,12 1352
Jersey -5T-16-12-18-14-10-16-10-18-9T-70-9T,12 1573
Dorking -3T-14-5T-16-7T-18-9T-10-78-7T-78-9T,12 19E7
Clerkenwell 34-5T.14-5T-3T.14-14.5T.36-16.7T.58-18.9T.70-10.9T,12 1573
Lutterworth -5T-14-56-36-12-3T-14-5T-16-7T-18-ET,12 19E7
(B) — Extended from Royal method:
Clifton -56-14-78-36.14.9T.14.58.9T.14.9T.70-56-9T-78-1T,1T 1426
Dodford -5T-16-7T-18-9T-10-12-3T.14-14.3T.14-14.ET,12 1573
(C) — New methods:
Moorgate 3T-3T.14-12-3T-14-5T-16-7T-1458-349T-16-9T,12 1426
Cirencester 70.36-1450.78.9T-16-129T-10-90-7T-78-167T-1690-1T,12 1573
Yarmouth -38-1458-9T-18-129T-10-90-7T-78-167T-1690-1T,12 1573
Strathclyde 36-56.14.5T-5T.36-14-3T.16-16.3T.16-16.3T.16-16.3T,1T 1860
Note: Strathclyde is a member of the “Glasgow” family — Glasgow S Major and Clyde S Royal — but cannot be named Glasgow because the half-lead bell is different from the Major.
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911