Oxford Society
Cathedral Church of Christ
Thursday, 14 September 2023 in 56m (31–0–23 in D)
1330 Spliced Maximus (3m)
1298 Cambridge Surprise, 24 Little Bob, 8 Crayford Little Bob; 2 com.
1 Bernard J Stone
2 Craig M Robertson
3 Michele Winter
4 David C Ockwell
5 Katherine A Stonham
6 Stuart F Gibson
7 Peter W Spain
8 Alan M Eyles
9 David L Thomas
10 Jonathan C Mills
11 Simon A Bond (C)
12 Christopher I Griggs
First of Surprise Maximus and first of Maximus on tower bells: 7.
A 30th birthday compliment to Craig "Shakira" Robertson.
Thanks to Katherine for making the dash down Abingdon Road when one of our band, who should have cycled, found herself stranded on the Oxford Ring Road.