Society of Bristol Youths
All Saints
Wednesday, 19 April 1815 in 2h 51 (16)
5040 Grandsire Triples
Containing 194 Bobs and 46 Singles, 3rd the observation bell.
1 John Davis
2 John Summers
3 Shepherd ? (C)
4 John Morgan
5 William Tyler
6 William Washer
7 William Thomas
8 William Cary

"Wednesday last was rung at All-Saints Church, in this city, by the Society of Bristol Youths, a true and perfect peal of grandsire tripples, consisting of 5040 changes in the short space of 2 hours and 51 minutes." Felix Farley’s Bristol Journal, Saturday 22 April 1815. (Sourced from Order and Disorder in the Early Nineteenth Century by John Eisel.)

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