The Ascension
Wednesday, 17 October 1962 in 2h 52 (8 in B♭)
5040 Doubles (14m/v)
In 14 variations, being two extents each of Ascension Bob, St. Columb, Clifford’s Pleasure, Little Aston. Reverse Canterbury Pleasure, Southrepps Pleasure, Old Doubles, Norfolk, April Day, Seighford, Kennington, eight of Plain Bob and ten of Grandsire.
1 Paul C Myers
2 Geoffrey D Weston
3 Philip Murduck
4 David G Papworth
5 Geoffrey K Dodd (C)
6 Frederick E Goslin
First peal in 14 Doubles variations for all except the conductor.
Ascension Doubles is Plain Bob with Old Doubles singles and Reverse Canterbury Pleasure bobs.
Correction on page 752: "Ascension Doubles is Plain Bob with a Grandsire single and a Reverse Canterbury bob."
Correction on page 791: "... first rung as Salwarpe ... on March 29th, 1961"
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