All Saints
Friday, 5 July 1985 in 2h 50 (16–0–22 in E)
5056 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
768 each Rutland, London; 640 Bristol; 576 each Superlative, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Pudsey, Yorkshire; 142 changes of method.
Composed by N Smith
1 Henry Taysom
2 Elisabeth A G Bowden
3 Esther M Byers
4 Ian P Hill
5 Anthony J Cox
6 Christopher M Wulkau
7 Peter Bridle
8 Keith W Scudamore (C)
First 8-Spliced: 4. Most Spliced as conductor.
First peal of Spliced to be rung on the bells.
Church Bellhangers of Distinction