All Saints
Saturday, 17 April 1971 in 2h 36 (10–1–25 in G)
5040 Doubles (177m)
(1) Wellington Place, Reverse Bob, Pensthorpe Bob, Freethorpe Bob, Canterbury Pleasure Bob, Kelleythorpe Bob, Reverse Shipways Place, Cowthorpe Bob. (2) Stedman S.C., Coxwell Place, St. Botolph, Anglesey Place, Middlesex Place, Carmarthen Bob, Dunston Place. (3) Pinchbeck S.C., Barrowby Bob. (4) Hordle Place, Irnham Bob, Rauceby Place, Swinderby Bob, Gedney Hill Place. (5) Cathedral Place, Morning Star Bob, Evening Star Place, Cippenham Place. (6) Camelion Bob, Quirister Bob. (7) Rev. St. Edmunds Bob, Rev. St. Simons Bob, Ditton Bob, Ancaster Bob, Bethnal Bob, St. Alphage Bob, Rev. Heathrow Bob, Rev. St. Nicholas Bob. (8) Yeoveney S.C., Bag Enderby Bob, Castlewood Bob, Hagworthingham Bob, Kiln Green Bob. (9) Claypole Bob, Bracebridge Heath Bob, Crane S.C., Woughton-on-the-Green Bob, Hambledon Bob. (10) Great Dalby Bob, Long Clawson Place, Harmondsworth S.C., Wisborough Green Place, Biddesden Place. (11) Yaddlethorpe Place, Honington Place, Broadhalfpenny Place, Frithville Bob, Braceborough Place, Weston-on-thc-Green Place. (12) Scarletts S.C., Thurlby S.C. (13) Cranford S.C., Rev. St. Vedast Bob. (14) St. Edmunds S.C., Heathrow S.C. (15) Rev. New Bob. (16) St. Gregory Bob, Helpringham Bob. (17) St. Andrews Bob, Newton Place, Rev. Huntspill Bob. (18) St. Bartholomew Bob, Rev. All Saints Bob, Rev. Minster Place, St. Sebastian Bob. (19) Union Bob, Rev. St. Simons Bob, Uffington Bob, Rev. St. Nicholas Bob. (20) St. Julian Bob, Rev. St. Osmund Bob, Datchet Bob, Rev. St. Remigius Bob. (21) St. Faiths S.C., Rev. St. Martins Bob, Stowe Place, Rev. Winchendon Place. (22) Rev. St. Owen Place, Chapel-en-le-Frith Bob, Tallington Place, Sempringham Place. (23) Poyle S.C., Rev. St. Bartholomew Bob, Bedfordshire Bob. (24) Rev. Sebastian Bob, Colne S.C., Bristol Bob. (25) All Saints Bob, Runemede S.C., Berkshire Place. (26) Cambridgeshire S.C., Minster Bob, Buckinghamshire Place. (27) Effingham Bob, Oakley S.C., Chipstead S.C., Screveton Bob, Bedingham Bob, Itchingfield S.C., Forncett Bob. (28) New Bob, Huntspill Bob, St. Vedast Bob, Blaisdon Bob. (29) Caernarvonshire Bob, Flintshire Place, Merionethshire Bob, Radnorshire Place, Cardiganshire S.C., Denbighshire S.C., Glamorgan S.C., (30) Wainfleet Place, Cheshire Place, Cornwall S.C. (31) Maltby Bob, Chevasse Place, Callendar Bob, Montgomeryshire Place. (32) Intwood Bob, Broughton S.C., Ockham S.C., Strelley Place, Lyng Bob, Chesham S.C., Knapton Bob. (33) Colnbrook S.C., Shipways Place, Tandbridge Bob. (34) Westminster II Bob, Blackburn Bob, St. Hilary Bob, Dragon Place. (35) Haddiscoe Bob, Thornborough S.C., Hascombe S.C., Ossington Place, Harpley Bob, Longford S.C., Fundenhall Bob. (36) Rev. Canterbury Bob, Raveningham S.C,. Dorton Bob. (37) St. Nicholas Bob, Winchendon Place, St. Remigius Bob, Huntley Place. (38) Welford Bob, Slapton S.C., Rugby S.C., Braywood Bob, Longworth Bob, Merton S.C., Sutton-upon-Trent Bob. (39) Candlesby Bob, Boxford Bob, Plain Bob. (40) St. Simons Bob, St. Martins Bob, St. Osmund Bob, Eynesbury Place. (41) Casthorpe Bob, Bedfont S.C., Boveney S.C., Londonthorpe Bob, Eton S.C., Nunthorpe Bob, Manthorpe Bob. (42) Rev. Union Bob, Rev. St. Faiths Bob, Rev. Julian Bob, St. Owen Place.
Composed by Arranged by Denis A Frith
1 Frederick W Pinchbeck
2 Brian Buttery
3 Owen Homewood
4 Peter A Slight
5 Denis A Frith (C)
6 Thomas A Relf
100th peal - 1.
Greatest number of Doubles methods yet rung to a peal.
Contained are all the symmetrical single hunt 3- and 4-lead methods with no more than 4 consecutive blows in any one place, no method being a bob lead of another.
[originally published in shortened form on p. 471]