All Saints
Thursday, 4 December 1969 in 2h 39 (10–1–25 in G)
5040 Spliced Doubles (135m)
Being 135 methods in the following 42 extents:— (1) Reverse Bob, Canterbury Bob; (2) Caernarvonshire, Flintshire, Merionethshire, Radnorshire, Cardiganshire, Denbighshire, Glamorgan; (3) Cornwall, Wainfleet, Cheshire; (4) Maltby, Chevasse, Callender, Montgomeryshire; (5) Intwood, Broughton, Ockham, Strelley, Lyng, Chesham, Knapton; (6) Colnbrook, Shipway's, Tandridge; (7) Westminster II, Blackburn, St. Hilary, Dragon; (8) Great Dalby, Long Clawson, All Saints; (9) Runemede, All Saints, Berkshire; (10) Claypole, Bracebridge Heath, Reverse St. Sebastian; (11) Colne, Reverse St. Sebastian, Bristol; (12) Frithville, Yaddlethorpe, Minster; (13) Cambridgeshire, Minster, Buckinghamshire; (14) Bag Enderby, Hagworthingham, Reverse St. Bartholomew; (15) Poyle, Reverse St. Bartholomew, Bedfordshire; (16) Candlesby, Plain Bob, Boxford; (17) Raveningham, Reverse Canterbury, Dorton; (18) Ellingham, Oakley, Chipstead, Screveton, Bedingham, Itchingfield, Forncett; (19) New Bob, Huntspill, St. Vedast, Blaisdon; (20) Haddiscoe, Thornborough, Hascombe, Ossington, Harpley, Longford, Fundenhall; (21) St. Nicholas, St. Remigius, Winchendon, Huntley; (22) Casthorpe, Bedfont, Boveney, Londonthorpe, Nunthorpe, Eton, Manthorpe; (23) Reverse Union, Reverse St. Faith, Reverse St. Julian, St. Owen Place; (24) Welford, Slapton, Rugby, Braywood, Longworth, Merton, Sutton-on-Trent; (25) St. Simon, St. Martin, St. Osmund, Eynesbury; (26) Stedman S.C., St. Botolph, Coxwell Place; (27) Reverse Huntspill, Newton, St. Andrew; (28) Reverse St. Vedast, Helpringham, St. Gregory; (29) Thurlby, Braceborough, Honington; (30) Reverse New Bob, Ancaster, St. Alphage; (31) St. Faith, Reverse Winchendon, Stowe Place, Reverse St. Martin; (32) St. Julian, Reverse St. Remigius, Datchet, Reverse St. Osmund; (33) Reverse St. Owen, Sempringham, Tallington, Chapel-en-le-Frith; (34) Union, Reverse St. Nicholas, Uffington, Reverse St. Simon; (35) Stedman; (36) Grandsire; (37-42) Plain Bob.
Composed by Denis A Frith
1 Frederick W Pinchbeck
2 Brian Buttery
3 Owen Homewood
4 Peter A Slight (C)
5 Denis A Frith
6 Thomas A Relf
Greatest number of Doubles methods yet rung to a peal.
52F. Ancaster.
55C. Helpringham.
58C. 345. Newton.
65D. 345. Thurlby.
67F. 345. Braceborough.
68F. 345. Honington.
Details listed on page 231.
Correction to extent (2) on page 394; originally submitted as "Lincolnshire, Huntingdonshire, Leicestershire, Kent, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Northumberland".
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