Bristol Youths
All Saints
Monday, 14 February 1791 in 3h 27 (16)
5040 Grandsire Triples
1 Samuel Huntington
2 Samuel Allen
3 John Cary
4 Isaac Atwood
5 Benjamin Perkins
6 William Hands (C)
7 James Blanch
8 Parsons Haskins
Being the first ever rung by this company.

"On Monday last was rung at All-Saints-church, by a young company of ringers called Bristol Youths, a true and complete peal of grandsire trebles, consisting of 5040 changes, in three hours and twenty-seven minutes." Felix Farley’s Bristol Journal, Saturday 19 February 1791. (Sourced from Order and Disorder in the Eighteenth Century by John Eisel.)