St Giles
Friday, 7 July 2023 (5–3–21 in B)
1272 Single Court Place Minimus
53 extents of single court plave minimus
1 Trevor Lock (C)
2 Gill Smith
3 Karen Powell
4 David Crump
5 Samuel Weaver
Belated birthday wishes to Seren Jenkins who was 10 on Sunday and Happy 59th wedding anniversary (4th July) to Mervyn and Jocelyne Lock.
2. Gill Smith first quarter, well done Gill.
3. Karen Powell first quarter inside to minimus
5. Samuel Weaver first quarter tenoring to minimus
Well done to everyone. £5 has been sent to the North Staffs bell restoration fund
This performance included a first quarter-peal ringer on bell 2
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