Midland Counties Association
National Cathedral Church of St Patrick
Sunday, 22 August 1897 in 3h 15 (45–1–18 in C)
5000 Kent Treble Bob Royal
Composed by Henry Johnson
1 Arthur Mathews
2 William T Billinghurst
3 Richard F Lane
4 John Smith
5 Samuel Smith
6 William A Tyler
7 William Willson
8 John W Taylor (Jun)
9 William Wakley
10 James W Washbrook (C)
This is the first peal on the bells, which are a magnificent new ring by Taylor, and it is the first ten-bell peal ever rung in Ireland. A full account of the proceedings will be found in next week's issue.
This peal is believed to have been false. Printed in Bell News Vol 16 p.216, but withdrawn as false by Gabriel Lindoff and William Wakley in Bell News, Vol 18, page 425. .