St Giles
Friday, 2 June 2023 (5–3–21 in B)
Call Changes
Lots of rounds and call changes, plus 120 Plain Bob minimus
Trevor Stacey
William Hall
Jocelyne Lock
Mervyn Lock
Samuel Weaver
David Crump
Lynda Latham
Russell Latham
Katie Latham
Gill Smith
Jennifer M Beech
Trevor Lock (C)
General ringing for the opeing evening of our art Exhibition of Marion Aranyos painting. Marion sadly passed away a few weeks ago. For more information visit - More ringing and art viewing to be done tomorrow (Saturday) 10am to 3pm and Sunday 1pm to 3pm. All are welcome to join us.
Thank you to David, Lynda, Russell, Katie and Gill who came and helped us to ring.