Leicester Diocesan Guild
Bell Foundry Tower
Friday, 31 January 1964 in 1h 57 (6–2–13 in B)
5040 Doubles (71m/v)
In 71 methods; 42 extents with 4 obs.: (1) Reverse Bob, (2) Stedman, (3) St. Mark and St. Matthew, (4) St. Silvester and St. George, (5) St. Simon's and Slapton S.C. Bob, St. Martin's and Thornborough S.C., (6) St. Nicholas' and Slapton S.C., Winchendon and Thornborough S.C., (7) St. Simon's and Braywood Bob, St. Martin's and Welford Bob, (8) St. Nicholas' and Fundenhall Bob, Winchendon and Haddiscoe Bob, (9) Grandsire and Newborough, (10) St. Bartholomew and Northrepps, (11) A [Newington] and B [All Saints], (12) St. Matthias and St. Philip, (13) Morning Star, St. Guthlac and C [Marchington], (14) Plain Bob and Southrepps, (15) Kennington, (16) Old Bob, (17) Besthorpe, (18) April Day, Seighford and D [St David], (19) Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Bob, (20) St. Columb, (21) Costessy, (22) Clifford's Pleasure Bob, Little Aston and St. David, (23) St. Polycarp, E [St Augustine] and F [St George], (24) St. Bede, St. Perpetua, G [St Blaise], (25) St. Simon's and St. Martin's, (26) St. Albans, (27) Cassington, (28) Shropham, (29) Eynsham, Elford and St. Jude, (30) St. Paul, (31) St. Peter, (32) Mileham, (33) St. Leonard, Shareshill and St. Laurence, (34) St. Giles and St. Miles, (35) St. Nicholas, (36) St. Thomas, (37) Norwich, (38) St. Andrew, Austrey and St. Mary, (39) Winchendon, (40) St. Luke, (41) Walsingham, (42) St. John, Ryton and St. Crispin.
1 Revd M C C Melville
2 Maurice A Kirk
3 Dan S Pont
4 Rupert A Clarke
5 David F Moore (C)
6 Rosemary Tailby
Most methods for all the band.
A is plain lead of All Saints with P.L. of Plain Bob as Bob.
B is P.L. of All Saints with P.L. of Canterbury as Bob.
C is P.L. of All Saints with Old Bob as Bob.
D is plain lead of Plain Bob with New Antelope Single as Bob.
E is Grandsire single as P.L. with Grandsire extreme as Bob.
F is All Saints P.L. with Grandsire extreme as Bob.
G is Grandsire single P.L. with London extreme as Bob.
[Names subsequently given on pages 170 and 236.]