York Colleges Guild
St Lawrence
Wednesday, 10 May 2023 in 4m (7–3–24 in A)
120 Mincing Doubles
1 Natasha A Williams (Alcuin) (C)
2 Jemima Bleackley (Halifax)
3 Matthew O Hall (Vanbrugh)
4 William J Lake (Langwith)
5 Simon W Edwards (Alcuin)
6 Alexander Davies (UEGCR)
Rung in memory of Joseph E T Waters fluttering into The Market Cat after an unsuccessful peal attempt. The band would like it known that the cause of the loss for this peal was Patrick W J Deakin missing his 5/6 dodge.
Also celebrating Luke Londesbrough circling the Rook and Gaskill to pints.
The variation 148wv (St Faith Place with Reverse Earls Court Singles) is rung for the first time. The band would like to name this variation "Mincing" Doubles.
First ringing for the University of Edinburgh Guild of Change Ringers since 2019