St Laurence
Saturday, 6 May 2023 in 30m (12–0–15 in F♯)
Ring For The King: Call Changes
(10-10.30am): call changes rung prior to the coronation of HM King Charles III
Anthony Williamson (C)
Elaine Sherrott
Joanna Attridge
Janet Robinson Wood
Jacqueline Holton Morrison
Flo Woore
Rob Woore
Sian Watters
Zeb Wild
Lindsey Thornton
Adele Hambidge
Rob Walton
Ding for the King (10.30 - 11am)
Claudia & Paula Ball, Finlay & Jack Dempsey, Edward & Rob Woore, Alastair Woodcock, Jane & Steve Millar, Emily Thomas, Sophie & Greg Owen, Rob Thomas, Steve Drummond, June Windsor, Pat Richens, Philippa Hunt, Violet & Rose & Katy Baudry, Martine Combe from France, Matilda & Theo & Lizzie & Florian Combe, Elizabeth & John Darrall, Heather Taylor, Linda Soderberg, Tamsin Shepard, Iris & Martin McKean, Margo & Silvie Adams, Harriet & Alasdair Coates, Carrie & Julian & Alexander Freeland, Joanna & Ursula & Matt Attridge, Effy Howerd, Claire Bunce, Bethany Adams, Shan & Ben & Jack Gray, Susie West.

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