St Lawrence
Friday, 5 May 2023 in 41m (7–3–24 in A)
1260 Doubles (5m/p/v)
60 Stedman, 120 Long Boi, 360 Plain Bob, 360 St Simon's, 360 St Martin's. Long Boi: Primrose Bob, with Minster Bobs (m) and Chicken Extremes (c) mpcpmpcpmpcp
1 Megan Bucknall (Anne Lister)
2 Simon W Edwards (Alcuin)
3 Natasha A Williams (Alcuin) (C)
4 Rosemary S Hall (Alcuin)
5 William J Lake (Langwith)
6 Matthew O Hall (Vanbrugh)
Rung in loving memory of Long Boi, resident of the Campus Lakes and de facto mascot of the University of York.
Waddling at an impressive 70cm tall, Long Boi quickly became a sensation on campus after he was first spotted in 2019.
We hope that his longth lives on in the hearts of those who loved him, and that he continues to provide joy through his memory.
Rest in Pond
The variation 868t/pm (Primrose Bob with Minster Bobs and Chicken Extremes) is composed and rung for the first time. The band would like to name this variation "Long Boi" Doubles.
Zoe Duffin, Myrtle E Watts, and Jemima Bleackley would like to be associated with this performance.
First quarter since the incident: 1
Photograph by Abbie Newbould (@abbien11) via Long Boi (@longboiyork)
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