York Colleges Guild
St Lawrence
Monday, 17 April 2023 in 3m (7–3–24 in A)
120 Broken Light In The Ringing Chamber Doubles
1 Natasha A Williams (Alcuin) (C)
2 Joss Davis (Alcuin)
3 Matthew O Hall (Vanbrugh)
4 Rosemary S Hall (Alcuin)
5 Philippa C M Stokoe (Staff)
6 Huw D Foden (Wentworth)
The variation 868t (Primrose Bob with Minster Bobs) is rung for the first time. The band would like to name this variation "Broken Light in the Ringing Chamber".
Rung because there's not many of us at the practice this evening.
Named because someone else named a variation the name that we were going to name this one, and because Joseph E T Waters did not like the name "Shmalent Shminnovations".
Rung to mark the start of the rivalry between the York Colleges Guild and Talent Innovations, who keep stealing the variations we plan to ring.
The band would like to associate Kevin D Atkinson with this performance, who was rummaging for a spare lightbulb for the duration.