All Saints
Friday, 26 April 2019 in 47m (15–0–11 in F)
1280 Plain Bob Major
1 Margaret Romano
2 Liz Thornton
3 Patricia Davidson
4 Martin Willson
5 Rhoda Willson
6 Neil Skelton
7 Chris Caryer (C)
8 Tom Burslem
Dedicated to the memory of Gwen Hitchings a great lover of the bells whose Thanksgiving Service was held earlier today. When the Broad Chalke bells were augmented to 8 in 1997, three new bells where cast with the names of individuals or families who had contributed significantly to the village during the 20th century. Gwen’s name is inscribed on the number 2 bell. Also a practice for the forthcoming SDGR Inter-Branch 8-Bell Striking Competition.