St Bartholomew
Saturday, 11 October 2003 in 2h 22 (5–2–24 in C)
5040 Doubles (9p/m)
2 extents All Saints; 8 extents Reverse Canterbury Pleasure; 6 extents each Pain Bob, Grandsire; 4 extents each Stedman, St Nicholas, Winchendon Place, St Simon's , St martin's
1 Philip M Saunders
2 Douglas G Davison
3 Anne L Kleiser
4 Alison C Alcock
5 Malcolm T Johns (C)
Rung for the official launch of the "Lady Llanover Society" (Cyndeithas Gwenynen Gwent). Lady Llanover 1802-1896, dedicated her life to the promotion and protection of the Welsh language and culture. Her husband, Sir Benjamin Hall (Lord Llanover) gave his name to "Big Ben", the great bell of Westminster
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