St Mary
Sunday, 12 June 2022 (9–2–0 in G)
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Nolan Runciman
2 Sue Faull
3 Stephen Clarke
4 Shawn Lewis
5 Alyson Blanchard
6 Janet Clarke
7 Chris Turner (C)
8 Chris Potts
Rung half muffled in memory of the 14 men who died in HMS Glamorgan, 40 years ago today, during the final days of the Falklands War.
RIP Michael Adcock, Brian Easton, Mark Henderson, Brian Hinge, David Lee, Brian Malcolm, Kelvin McCallum, David McCann, Terry Perkins, Mark Sambles, Tony Sillence, John Stroud, David Tinker and Colin Vickers.
On board HMS Glamorgan that day was Chris Potts, a 17 year old radar operator.
All of the ringers at Stow would like to be associated with this quarter peal.
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