Fairwarp, East Sussex
Christ Church
Monday, 2 May 2022 in 1h 46 (15 in C)
5040 Spliced Doubles (12m)
3 extents of St Osmund's B & Merton B, 7 extents each of St Nicholas B & Longford B, Winchendon P & Thornborough P, St Remigius B & Hascombe P, St Martin's B & Slapton Slow B and 11 extents of St Simon's B & Rugby B, with 262 changes of method
1–2 Michael R A Shaw
3–4 Stephen J Beckingham (C)
5–6 Chris M Shaw
Arranged and rung in memory of George Francis, who passed away yesterday aged 92.
George was particularly fond of "proper" spliced doubles and took great interest in the peals and quarters rung by this band, which built on compositions he developed in the 1950s.
This peal comprised the same methods as George's first handbell peal in 1956, which he conducted, and which was the first peal of Spliced Doubles to be rung in hand.
He was a true gentleman, and will be greatly missed in Sussex and beyond.

This performance was rung In memoriam — George Francis

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