St Tegai
Sunday, 20 March 2022 in 45m (9–2–22 in G♯)
1260 Doubles (5m)
Llandegai Bob Doubles (2x120), Grandsire (240), St Martin's (2x120), St Simon's (2x120) and Plain Bob Doubles (2x120 & 60). Morris’ 240 was called for Grandsire Doubles.
1 Liam Barnes
2 Martin J Brown
3 Harvey O Plows (C)
4 Zoe M Seymour
5 David R Raggett
6 Sian Shakespear
To celebrate the 98th birthday of Robin Jones, this quarter peal was rung during and after a party for him in the Church Hall.
Furthermore, extents of “Llandegai Bob Doubles” were rung for the first time as part of this quarter peal. The new method has the following place notation.
Plain Course:
Bobs: 145
Singles: 123

This performance is linked to the pathway Llandegai's Blue Pathway .