Salisbury Diocesan Guild
St Mary the Virgin
Friday, 4 March 2022 (7–3–14 in B♭)
Call Changes
Call Changes
1 Debbie Phipps
2 Ann Manning
3 Carol Cox
4 Alec Cannings
5 Cathy Neyland
6 Gordon Paterson
7 Helen Gorman
8 Jennie Pease
9 John Marsh
10 Mike Kimber
11 Sarah Millar
12 Sue Ludwig
13 Viv Endecott
14 Gillian Richards
15 Jack R Pease
In celebration of ART's 10th Birthday we rang a medley of ART inspired exercises. These included
Incremental Rounds
The Lottery (Whiting Style)
Dodgy Call Changes
Crash and Gap
Catch me if you can
Diminishing rounds
The Lottery (ART style)
Ring 'o roses
Lytchett Wave

This performance is linked to the event ART's Tenth Birthday