Worcestershire & Districts Association
St Michael
Thursday, 10 June 1954 in 2h 47 (14–1–13 in F)
5040 Spliced Triples (11m)
840 changes each of Grandsire, and Double Court, 420 each of Reverse Grandsire, Double Grandsire, St. Clement’s, College, Oxford and Court, 280 each of London, Hereward and Double Oxford, with 125 changes of method.
A J Pitman
1 Albert Mallen
2 Frederick Jukes
3 John Lloyd
4 Arthur Peakman
5 Thomas Hemming
6 Bernard Lawton
7 Clifford Skidmore (C)
8 Stephen Mallen
This is the first peal ever rung containing all the eleven pure Triples methods.
Rung as a compliment to the Rector, the Rev. T. N. Crowther-Green and to commemorate his 25 years in the Ministry.
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