Bristol Society
St John on the Wall
Wednesday, 26 January 2022 in 3h 18 (11 in F)
5760 Spliced Delight Minor (42m)
240 Balmoral, Barham, Belvoir, Caernarvon, Leasowe, Skipton; 120 Beeston, Berkeley, Bogedone, Bucknall, Cambridge, Carisbrooke, Castleton, Chelsea, Chepstow, Conisborough, Conway, Coventry, Disley, Donottar, Dover, Dunedin, Edinburgh, Ely, Evening Star, Fotheringay, Francis Genius, Kentish, Knutsford, Ludlow, Melandra, Oswald, Pembroke, Pevensey, Peveril, Pontefract, Richborough, Rostherne, Stirling, Warwick, Wath, Wilmslow; 224 com; atw.
1 Helen C Mansley
2 Alexander E Holroyd
3 Philip D Moyse
4 Matthew D Dawson
5 Colin G Newman
6 Alan G Reading (C)
First 42 3rds Place Delight - 2 & 3.
This composition is rung for the first time; the first 5760 of the standard 42 3rds Place Delight with atw and a plain lead of every method.