Oxford Society
Lincoln College
Wednesday, 26 January 2022 (7–2–4 in A♭)
336 Spliced Major (11m)
32 Bristol Surprise, Cambridge Surprise, Cornwall Surprise, Deva Surprise, Lancashire Surprise, Lessness Surprise, London Surprise, Superlative Surprise, Yorkshire Surprise, Ytterbium Surprise; 16 Double Norwich Court Bob; 10 com.
1 Stuart F Gibson
2 David L Thomas
3 Katherine A Stonham
4 Alan M Eyles
5 Simon A Bond (C)
6 Cameron White-Spunner
7 Mark D Tarrant
8 Jonathan Cresshull
A valedictory touch for the ringer of the 3rd, retiring from Society mastership tomorrow. These 11 methods form the Lincoln practice night Major repertoire, a point reached through Katherine's leadership over the past four years.