Hereford Diocesan Guild
Holy Trinity
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 (15–1–6 in E)
Rounds, Call Changes and Plain Bob Doubles
1 Frank Seabright
2 Nicky Seabright
3 Kevin Gent
4 Helen Lane
5 Lynn Higgins
6 Rob Prestidge
7 Yvonne Prestidge
8 Roy Barnes
9 Francis Grey
10 Sarah Mills
11 Roger Allen
12 Stephen Cox
Bosbury Tower band rang to mark a number of significant occasions that had occurred over the last 2 years - momentous birthdays, wedding anniversaries, the birth of grandchildren and the death of some beloved family members.
All were involved with the exception of Annie Kay who is young enough to have to work. We achieved rounds for our newest recruit, some call changes and Bob Doubles.
Celebrations continued over lunch in The Bell Inn very conveniently just across the road.
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