St Peter and St Paul
Wednesday, 1 December 2021 (22 in E♭)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
Back 5
1 Richard J Bushell
2 Joseph M Sutch
3 Martin E Luffman
4 Ian Wiltshire
5 Christopher J Cooper (C)
Especially arranged and rung (very belatedly) as a 21st birthday anniversary compliment to Isobella May 'Belle' Newbury, (21/10) our local Wednesday night barmaid at 'The Maypole', and 18th birthday compliment to Ollie Watson (28/11).
Also rounds on the octave at the practice, following, as a well-wish to 'Belle', by the following:
Treble: Miss V.J. Smith (Capt)
2: R.J. Bushell
3: I Wiltshire
4: J.M. Sutch
5: G.L. Epps
6/7: C.J. Cooper
Tenor: L. Small

This performance is linked to the event Ollie Watson’s 18th Birthday Celebrations .