St Giles
Sunday, 7 November 2021 in 2h 39 (8–0–1 in A)
5040 Treble Dodging Minor (7m)
(1) Grantham Surprise (2) Ely Delight (3) Dunedin Delight (4) Bogedone Delight (5) College Bob IV Delight (6) London Surprise (7) Cambridge Surprise
1 Bernard J Stone
2 Nicola J Turner
3 Richard L Thumwood
4 Timothy G Pett
5 Peter G C Ellis (C)
6 Colin M Turner
In memory of Tony Peake.
Several members of the band rang in a number of peals of multi-spliced minor with Tony in the 1990’s and remember his distinctive pronunciation of some of the methods rung today: Grant’am, Ee-lie, Doon-a-din, Boggy Don, College Bob IV (IV pronounced ‘iv’ as in ‘privy’).
May he rest in peace.

This performance was rung In memoriam — Anthony R Peake