Ancient Society of College Youths
Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday, 10 October 2021 in 3h 20 (24–1–2)
5040 Spliced Major (23m)
224 each Adelaide Surprise, Belfast Surprise, Bolonium Surprise, Bristol Surprise, Buckfastleigh Surprise, Carolina Reaper Treble Bob, Cat's-Eye Surprise, Chenies Surprise, Cooktown Orchid Delight, Ely Surprise, Frodsham Surprise, Glasgow Surprise, Jorvik Surprise, Kenninghall Surprise, Lancashire Surprise, London Surprise, Malpas Surprise, Mareham Delight, Rook and Gaskill Surprise, Speedball Surprise, Venusium Surprise and Ytterbium Surprise and 112 Double Norwich Court Bob, with 160 changes of method, and all the work of every method for every bell with each lead different.
1 Ian P Hill
2 Graham M Bradshaw
3 Alan G Reading
4 Julian O Howes
5 Philip J Earis
6 Lucy A Warren
7 Simon J L Linford (C)
8 Edward P D Colliss
This composition, which contains all the spiciest methods from Project Pickled Egg, is now rung for the first time