Saint Michael's Society
St John on the Wall
Sunday, 3 October 2021 in 2h 52 (11 in F)
5040 Spliced Treble Bob Minor (29m)
600 British Scholars' Pleasure; 360 Chiltern, Cotswold, Pennine; 240 Berwyn, Chadkirk, Kent; 120 Burton, Capel, Cheviot, College Exercise, Duke of Norfolk, Killamarsh, Kingston, London Scholars' Pleasure, Mendip, Morning Star, Nelson, Norbury, Norton-le-Moors, Ockley, Oxford, Quantock, Rochester, Sandal, Snowdon, Trinity Sunday, Waterford, Woodcock's Victory; 184 com; atw.
1 Colin G Newman
2 Alexander E Holroyd
3 Helen C Mansley
4 Matthew D Dawson
5 Philip D Moyse
6 Alan G Reading (C)
First 29 Treble Bob - 2 & 5.
This composition is rung for the first time; the first 5040 of the standard 29 Treble Bob with atw and a plain lead of every method.