Otley Society
All Saints
Tuesday, 20 February 1787 in 6h 22 (16–0–20 in F)
10080 Grandsire Triples
1 Thomas Brown
2 James Kendall
3 Jonathan Cawood
4 William Holmes
5 William Kendall
6 John Cawood
7 William Thompson
8 Benjamin Chippendale
(Extract from the Leeds Intelligencer, Tues. 27 Feb. 1787, courtesy of John Eisel)
On Tuesday last were rung at Otley, by the society of ringers there, two whole peals of Holt's Tripples, consisting of 5040 changes in each peal, in 12 courses: The first peal in three hours and ten minutes, the second in three hours and twelve minutes—the whole in six hours and twenty-two minutes, without change of ringers or setting a bell; being allowed, by very good judges, to be done with the greatest exactness:—And, it is presumed, they are the first society, or set of ringers, that ever compleated the above in time and course, in this or any other county.—They were met in the church-yard by the gentlemen in Otley, who had made a contribution, and plentifully regaled them with liquor and a good supper.—It ought to have been remembered, that at their beginning at nine o clock in the morning, after ringing two hours and five minutes, the third bell rope slipt the pulley, and stopped their progress; after repairing it, &c. they again begun the abovementioned peals.
(Extract from the Otley News, Fri. 5 April 1867, courtesy of John Eisel)
BELL RINGING IN 1787.—From a bill shown to us, and now in the possession of Henry Brown, the verger of Otley Church, we find that Holt's trebles were rung upon eight bells in 6 hours and 22 minutes, viz: the first peal in three hours and ten minutes; the second in three hours and twelve minutes. This feat was performed on February 26th [sic], 1787, being the first set that ever completed the above in time and course in England. The names of the ringers were:—Thomas Brown, James Kendall, Jonathan Cawood, William Holmes, William Kendall, John Cawood, William Thompson, Benjamin Chippendale. All the above ringers are now dead.
Church Bellhangers of Distinction