Huddersfield Society
St Peter
Monday, 13 November 1820 in 5h 55 (18)
10080 Kent Treble Bob Major
1 William Haigh
2 William Clay
3 John Thorp
4 Jonathan Womersley (C)
5 John Womersley
6 John Hanson
7 Abraham Beaumont
8 James Naylor
The following extract from the Leeds Mercury of Saturday 25 November 1820, kindly provided by John Eisel, records this long length.
'The society of ringers, at Huddersfield, having for some time contemplated a peal of treble bob, in thirty-six courses, consisting of 10,080 changes, appointed Monday the 13th inst. for the attempt, and although there were very high odds against any band ringing a peal of treble bob at the first onset, yet by an anxious attention to and a superior possession of this great science, they succeeded in and completed the herculean task in 5 hours and 55 minutes: conducted by Jonathan Womersley.—Weight of the tenor 18cwt. William Haigh, treble; William Clay, 2d; John Thorp, 3d; Jonathan Womersley, 4th; John Womersley, 5th; John Hanson, 6th; Abraham Beaumont, 7th; and James Naylor, tenor.'
There is also a peal board in the tower that records the same, along with the composition (Oliver Austin & Andrew Rawlinson).